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offers rides all over the island of Mallorca. Some rides lead us across the island, some along the coast and others high up in the mountains on the old monastery paths The color-highlighted map describes a variety of routes and adventures.

Take a journey with us over hills and high up into the mountains, gallop along white sandy beaches and spend the night under the stars by the campfire, the choice is yours

You haven’t found the right one yet? Contact us and we will find the perfect combination for your experience on horseback.

We always adapt our routes to riders. Some routes require both a high level of sport and a high level of riding experience.

Our Routes

We describe each route in detail and thus it is possible to find
a perfect experience for everyone.

Routes along the coast

Mallorca is famous for its unspoiled beaches. Along the turquoise coast there is much to discover

2 hours> 2 days

Rural Routes

We experience the wonderfully authentic landscape of Mallorca.
Riding through open fields, past olive groves and through hidden trails.

1.5 hours> 6 hours

Camping in a Tipi

Spend a night in our wild field where you can enjoy a totally unique and unforgettable night, where up to 8 people can camp.

2 hours> 2 days


Mallorca is known for its cultural and historical points. Discover ancient trails that lead you to monasteries and castles where there are incredible views, with rooms where you can stay.

6 hours

Tramuntana mountain range

The Sierra Tramuntana is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, a place with an adventurous and wild atmosphere. Discover historical and ancient landscapes, a place surrounded by mystery

1> 7 days

Gastronomy and tasting

An important part of the Mallorcan culture is the love for traditional food and local wines. We combine horseback riding with visits to the vineyard where you can taste exquisite local wines and enjoy the local cuisine.

3> 7 hours

Do you want to experience our adventures but don't want to ride a horse?
!No hay problema! They can make a carriage route with a hitched horse