At Naturacavall we know how important your horse is to you and you want it to be in the best possible condition. We feel the same way. At Naturacavall we give them the opportunity to be horses, to strengthen bonds and enjoy running with the herd.

For us, the welfare of the horse is our main objective and for this we offer horse owners a place where the animal can feel in its own nature: outdoors and in a herd.

We offer a large field where you can run freely with the rest of the herd, with unlimited water and garba always available.

We also have an arena where you can train your horse and a whole world outside to explore with him. We offer specialized training for your horse and for you; so you can bond even more. Go out riding with other horse owners, we have created a great family, or join one of our organized tours (at reduced prices).

Naturacavall has a friendly, family atmosphere, with horses, chickens, loving dogs and people from all walks of life with one thing in common: their love for animals, nature and adventure.

If you want more information, call Xavi +34 654 24 16 77 or send an email to, and we will answer you as soon as possible.