About us

Naturacavall is a project
exciting and unusual.

It all started with the passion of Joan Ferrer for horses, which he passed on to his children Xavier and Joan Pere in their early childhood. Xavier sometimes jokes that he learned to ride horses before riding a bike.

Therefore, the family spent their free time exploring the diverse nature of the island.

In 2019, the three Mallorcan cowboys decided to dedicate their lives completely to horses to share their passion with other riders from around the world, thus Naturacavall was born.

They started with 6 horses and little by little the number of rescues has increased.

Unfortunately there are still remote farms on the island of Mallorca, where horses have an uncertain future, competition horses that no longer have sufficient performance, owners who can no longer keep them or simply those who do not adapt well to their environment and need a second chance.

Naturacavall buys these horses and gives them time and space to recover and adapt on his farm. They often need intensive care, a carefully regulated diet and vet checks, as well as mental and physical training to adapt to the routes we take with them.

For many generations the Ferrers have lived in the countryside near Manacor, amid the Mediterranean landscape near the center of the island in the Llevant area of ​​Mallorca. Horses live together in vast fields and enjoy a free and well-cared for life.

Over time, the Naturacavall team has grown and yet maintains a family atmosphere
unmistakable: together we take care of the horses and train them, united by our love to give them
give each animal another chance in life and, of course, live some adventures together in the