For centuries, the mountain has served as a place to get away from it all and contemplate life, perhaps that is why you can find so many monasteries in the Tramuntana and Llevant mountains. We love visiting these sacred places on horseback as they are an important part of the culture and history of our beloved island.

A monastery that we like to visit again and again is the “Santuari de Lluc”. It is located on a picturesque mountain in the Sierra de Tramuntana and is one of the most important sacred places in Mallorca. It is a wonderful place to rest after a long day of horseback riding through the Tramuntana Mountain Range, declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Sample roast lamb slowly cooked over a wood fire in a rustic cabin after a day out in nature on horseback.

It is possible to ride in the mountains for three hours, full days, or several days. However, we only recommend this area of ​​the Tramuntata to experienced riders in good physical condition.

Another excursion takes us from Son Macía near the town of Felanitx in the southeast of the island where we will ride to the beautiful Sant Salvador monastery located on the heights of the mountain. From here we enjoy an incredible view over the island to the sea. Optionally, you can book a night, stay on site, strengthen yourself in the restaurant, or enjoy a packed lunch on the sunny terrace. The road passes by the famous Finca Es Fangar and we gallop over open fields, through forests and beautiful vineyards. You can participate in this trip if you are an advanced / intermediate rider.

Another great day is the route to the “Ermita de Bonany”. This adventure begins in our stables and takes us through country roads, open fields and trails to the rustic town of Petra and then through the magical forests to the monastery. The view from the top is spectacular, overlooking the entire island.

Stop for a picnic before heading back to the stables. Overnight stays can also be booked here. This ride is only recommended for intermediate / advanced riders.

5 hours > 2 days

Level: intermediate> advanced