Intensive training

Intensive training

Intensive training with Naturacavall

Our training sessions are about getting to know the horse, understanding how to relate to them Learn to find your centre of gravity, communicate with the horse and enjoy the experience. A relaxed rider often means a relaxed horse, learn to read their body language to prepare for unpredictable situations. It is possible to train with us regardless of your level of experience.

Private training sessions are 60 minutes (approximately) and must be reserved in advance. Come prepare your horse before the training session to start your connection. It is possible to buy a package of 5 to 10 training sessions and benefit from our discount promotion.

Because training (including group lessons) is tailored to each individual’s experience, riders of all skill levels can benefit from training with us. We often train outdoors in the fields and on land near our stables.

Working with horses is a constant learning process, each horse reacts differently to new situations. Our goal is for both horse and rider to bond and enjoy the learning experience together as much as possible.

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Telephone: +34 601375325