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Rescue Horses

NaturaCavall gives “retired” horses a second chance.

Most of our horses are ex-trotting horses. Trotting has a long tradition on Mallorca. But as in any competitive sport, athletes who do not perform as well as they want are sorted out. Unfortunately, many of our horses suffered this fate. With every race lost, they lose value in the eyes of the owner.

Another reason horses become worthless in the eyes of their old owners is because of stature or build. For horse breeding, all aspects of the horse must be perfect.

Other horses, on the other hand, are kept under the most adverse circumstances for incomprehensible reasons. Unfortunately, these cases also keep coming back to us. They arrive at our stable, emaciated and full of wounds.

This is where our work and your second chance begins. With a lot of love, patience and specialist knowledge, they are first cared for and restored to their strength. Slowly we start training and try to bring young, nervous and sick horses back to life and make them responsible and self-confident individuals.

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