Become a sponsor

Becoming a sponsor means sponsoring one of your favorite horses and supporting him as a long-term commitment.

Countless horses lead unacceptable lives today.

Naturacavall try to make a difference by making the lives of many horses worthwhile. You can support our project and make a difference too

Before horses can hike with us, it takes a lot of time and money to retrieve them, adapt them to their new environment, and train them to be safe horses to ride.

Sponsorships are a great way to provide the support that each horse needs on a very personal level. Assuming a sponsorship means voluntarily assuming the financial obligation to care for and help a personally selected horse. As a sponsor, you will enter into a very special relationship with a horse and assume part or all of the maintenance and / or medical care expenses.

Get involved, become the godfather of your favorite horse!

By paying a monthly amount, you will be supporting our project in the long term and giving your horse / pony a better life.

Becoming a sponsor is very easy.

This is your sponsorship: From € 15 per month Term of 12 months You will receive an official sponsorship certificate and a photo of your sponsored animal. Your name will be published on the website. You will receive a donation receipt for your sponsorship contribution. Invitation to the employee’s day for barbecues and horse games

If you want to become a sponsor, contact us and together we will find the right horse for you.