With your help it is possible to alleviate the suffering of many horses, giving them another chance at life. Thank you very much for participating!
They can donate money for the project in general, which we invest in the horses 100% It is also possible to add where they want to donate – medicine, food, material or even a horse in particular.
How does it work?
  • With € 10 you help feed a horse for several days
  • With € 30 you can buy seeds to sow in the fields so that the horses can graze
  • With € 40 you can buy a bale of straw
  • With € 50 we pay the farrier
  • With € 60 you can buy general medicines for horses.
  • With € 100 we put a sick horse in a cozy and dry stable for a month
  • With € 300 you can buy a new saddle to the exact measurements for a horse.
  • With € 500 we paid a veterinarian the costs to save a horse from intestinal colic
  • With € 1000 we can offer intensive and veterinary care for a rescued horse during its first months in our recovery center. Normally they recover enough to be able to get together with our horses and start their new healthy and happy life.

A direct transfer can be made:

Xavier Ferrer Rojo
ES83 2100 3669 8121 0027 9055
Code Swift: caixesbbxxx
Subject: Rescued horses (+ purpose)

Donation helps
Donate now / every coin helps / Give a rescued horse another chance
Material donations All donations help with our project rescuing horses
A list of ideas: Feeders, winter blankets, protection blankets, headbands, ropes, mosquito protection (small, medium and large)
Saddles and sweatshirts (English or Western), headbands, helmets, salt stones.
Syringes, gauze, tape, …
45 Contact us if you want to donate money and we will explain everything
Thanks a lot! With your help we can