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Becoming a godfather

Make animal friends

Become a godfather of your favorite horse and support his second chance in life.

Countless horses lead an unreasonable life today.

NaturaCavall tries to make a difference and at least to make the existence of some horses worth living again. That is why we are committed to saving horses together with many supporters. And you can easily support us.

Before the horses can go on an excursion with us, it costs a lot of time and money – and we need your help for that.

Godfatherships are a great way of providing support. To take on a sponsorship means to a certain extent to voluntarily take on an economic obligation to care for a personally selected horse and to give it help. As a sponsor, you enter into a very special relationship with a horse and assume part or all of the costs for maintenance and / or medical care.

Get involved now in a targeted manner for a horse of your choice and become a sponsor of your favorite horse!
With a monthly amount you support our project in the long term and give your horse / pony a better life.

Becoming a godfather is easy

This is your sponsorship:

  • From € 15 a month
  • Term of 12 months
  • You will receive an official sponsorship certificate and a picture of your sponsored animal
  • Your name will be published on the website
  • You will receive a donation receipt for your sponsorship contribution
  • Invitation to patent day for a barbecue and many surprises

If you want to become a godfather or them
To give away a sponsorship, contact us and together we will find the right horse for you!

                                                                                                       info@naturacavall.com oder +34 654 24 16 77

You can also directly

Transfer the sponsorship fee with the subject “Sponsorship for (name of horse)”. Use this account for this:

Xavier Ferrer Rojo

Bank account number: ES83 2100 3669 8121 0027 9055

Swift Code: caixesbbxxx

Subject: godfather(+ name of the horse) 

If you also send us your address (or if the sponsorship is a gift, your address and that of the recipient) to info@naturacavall.com, the sponsorship certificate, a donation receipt and a picture of the horse will soon be available the trip.